We understand life comes with challenges and obstacles and through every challenge there is a refining process that helps build the character of who you want to be and what you are capable of. Through this refining process you become a new version of yourself. Everyone is a Phoenix.
 RISE UP!!!!!!

Who we are?

The Phoenix Effect is a lifestyle brand committed to creating an inclusive space where purpose and passion come together. We believe in the strength of community, the strength of deep connections and, of course, the strength in YOU. The Phoenix Effect offers group fitness classes for people of all ages and fitness levels, workshops, meditation series, and mentorship programs.

The Phoenix Philosophy

The Phoenix folklore: According to tradition, The Phoenix is a mythological bird that recycles its own life. At the end of its life-cycle the phoenix builds itself a nest that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely, reducing to ashes of the past, from which a new phoenix arises. The phoenix symbolizes rebirth, renewal, resilience and rising up against all odds.